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What are the Steps to fix Error in Quicken Mac and Window White Screen Error?

fix Error in Quicken Mac and Window

If you are using Quicken application and you changed the bank account name on your bank website or your bank has replaced a new bank account for you then you may come across the following given errors:

  • Error 106
  • Error 324
  • Error 168
  • Error 999
  • Error -30

Read this and you’ll come to know the procedure on How to fix error in Quicken Mac and Window. Follow these given steps and you are all set.

Process: 1 Deactivate the account’s

  1. First, go to Accounts menu and there you have to press on “Hide and Show Accounts”.
  2. In the last column, you need to look for an account creating error and unmarked any account linked to this bank. You can unchecked all accounts linked to this bank even after they aren’t showing you the error.

Note: if you don’t find any account linked in this list column, then skip this step and you have to press “Okay”

  1. Go to Account View, you have to highlight account (one at a time) and then you have to click “Settings” button on the lower right section of the screen.
  2. Under “At your financial institution” section, you have to click on “Troubleshooting” then you have to click on “Deactivate Downloads”
  3. Repeat the 3 and 4 steps and deactivate every account for the affected bank.

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Process: 2 Reactivate and link the account’s

  1. You need to click on setup transaction download in the settings section.
  2. At the bottom section, you’ll find a list of banks, you need to press on My bank is not listed question mark in order to update the bank list, once it is done with the updating process, then it should display the current date. Next you have to click Show List button to continue with this process.
  3. Next, you need to give the name of your bank and choose from the list, enter your login credentials and press continue.
  4. Now Quicken will show you a list of all accounts that you have with this bank. Be careful while linking the accounts to the appropriate account you have set up in Quicken.

If you are facing the blank or white screen error while using this application, then, surely, you’ll be thinking how to fix Quicken white screen error. Follow these given steps to fix this issue.

Directions to follow:

First, you need to close the Quicken application and then you need to re-open it.

1. Now you have to connect your Mint website.

a) Close the Quicken application.

b) Open your web browser.

c) Now you need to navigate to Mint Login page, there you find a web page for Mint Login, it means your system requires to link with Intuit ID serve. In case, it doesn’t appear on your screen, then you have to follow internet connectivity troubleshooting.

2. Create a new account

First, you need to check if there is any Account administrator on your PC.

a) Go to settings section and there you need to press on “Accounts”

b) Now you have to choose family and then click other people.

c) you need to be sure that you don’t have any hidden user, if there is no one, then, you need to move on to the next step.

Now you’ll need to create a new user administrator on your PC.

Follow these steps and you are done with the process, in case, you need quicken assistance then make a call