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Quicken Is Requesting an Enactment Code, Yet I Didn’t Get One

  1. On the off chance that you obtained a download of Quicken from, you won’t require an enactment code; your participation is attached to the Stimulate ID you utilized when you bought Quicken (your email address).
  2. On the off chance that you obtained a boxed duplicate or download from a retail location, pursue these means to find and utilize your actuation code.
  3. On the off chance that you open an information document that has an alternate Stimulate ID marked in than the one used to buy the membership; you will be incited to enter an enactment code.

On the off chance that you bought from despite everything you’re accepting an initiation code brief, the means beneath should settle the issue.

Affirm that you’re signing in with the right Quicken ID:

You will be provoked for an actuation code in the event that you requested from and you utilized an alternate Quicken ID than the one you’re utilizing to sign into the Quicken program with.

Affirm that you’re signing in to Stimulate with precisely the same Quicken ID you used to buy:

  1. Go to and snap on Sign In > My Record
  2. Sign In with your Quicken ID and secret key
  3. After you’ve marked in, affirm that your membership download item is in your record. It will show up under Arrangement Detail.

In the event that you don’t see your membership download item, or in case you can’t sign in by any means, it implies that you utilized an alternate ID to buy Quicken, and that Quicken  ID is the thing that you have to use to sign in to your Stimulate item.

You ought to have gotten an email when you obtained Quicken that has your Quicken ID data; this email won’t have an enactment code, as you needn’t bother with one on the off chance that you acquired from Make certain to browse your diverse email locations and spam or garbage email envelopes to discover this email and affirm your Quicken ID.

To sign in with an alternate Quicken ID:

Pursue these means to change the Stimulate ID related with your Quicken record, which will evacuate the enactment code brief.

Note: On the off chance that you don’t see or can’t get to the Alter menu on the upper left, close the sign in window. You may need to close it a few times before you can see the Alter choice.

  1. Snap on the Alter Menu and select Inclinations.
  2. In the left board, select Quicken ID, Portable and Alarms.
  3. Snap Sign in as an alternate client.
  4. Type “yes” as incited and snap Sign Out.
  5. Close and Quicken Stimulate.
  6. Sign back in with the right Stimulate ID.

In case you’re signed in to Stimulate with the Quicken ID you obtained with:

  1. To start with, pursue the means here to utilize the QcleanUI Utility to expel all Stimulate adaptations from your PC.
  2. Go to and snap on Sign In > My Record
  3. Sign In with your Quicken ID and secret word
  4. Look to Download Quicken and download the item; your account consistently has the freshest accessible item form
  5. Adhere to the establishment directions, and after that sign in with your Quicken ID


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