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Quicken Support Helpline for MacBook

Get regular updates automatically with all the latest product enhancements – no need to upgrade continuously; 8 out of 10 customer’s experience the benefits of more frequent releases and fixes

Significantly faster experience in investment management, investment registers, and some portfolio view operations on Essen for Windows are now up to three times faster

Speed up twice as fast for Mac: Start-ups, charts, and graphs load twice as fast, backup is four times faster than other versions.

Now includes # 1 most requested new feature. Instantly access your published Quicken data on the social web.

As a long-time companion to your desktop computer program, you can now access key features of your Quicken desktop software from any modern computer via the social web.

  • View balance, budget, accounts, and transactions
  • See spending trends by category, payee,
  • Monitor investment performance with up-to-the-minute profile value *
  • Search and view details of past expenses
  • Keep your finances constantly up to date: Your accounts are synced across desktop, web, and mobile
  • Enjoy a fresh, streamlined quick experience

 Quicken for Mac on the web will help you stay on top of your spending.

  • View balance, budget, accounts, and transactions
  • Enter transaction as an expense
  • Split the division for an accurate view of your spending
  • Upload pictures of your receipts*

Search Transaction History

  • The bill amount is automatically updated in your dashboard *
  • Automatically syncs your data across desktop, website, and mobile
  • Managing your budget is a breeze through Quicken on the web.
  • View budget and transactions
  • Progress against spending highlights

Quicken Screenshot of Investments

  • Monitor your nest eggs using Quicken on the web.
  • The desktop syncs with Quicken, so your portfolio is always within reach
  • Check stock quotes and account prices
  • View the daily performance of your entire profile

New in Quicken

Fast for windows

  • Access the latest version of Quicken during your subscription period
  • Access to 11,000+ online billers, bill PDF download *
  • Extended Custom Report Layout way and Direct Excel Export
  • View newly enhanced portfolio
  • 5gb Secure Online Backup for your Quicken (files) with Dropbox for Mac
  • The bill calendar view is back!
  • Better reminder – now seen in a single bill dashboard
  • Free Quicken Bill Pay and Priority Use for Quicken Phone Pay (Premier and above) *
  • Manage your money anywhere on the web with Quicken

Quicken for Mac

  • Access to 11,000+ online billers, bill PDF download *
  • Refreshing and feeling overall bill and income
  • 5 GB Secure Online Backup for your Quicken Files with Dropbox for Mac
  • Free Quicken Bill Pay and Priority Use for Quicken Phone Pay (Premier and above) *
  • Manage your money anywhere on the web with Quicken

Guarantee Quicken Financial Products backed with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Data Access Guarantee the Quicken Data Access Guarantee means that whether you renew your subscription or not, you will always have full access to and ownership of your data. You can view, edit, export and manually enter transactions and accounts even after your subscription expires.  Your Quicken for Mac data is stored on your local computer.

Access to online services, such as transaction downloads, quotes, and mobile sync, as well as access to Quicken Support, if your subscription expires. We will continue to tell you about product changes and Quicken product enhancements.

How quicken protects financial information

We understand that the privacy and security of your personal financial data are highly valued. The information you download from your financial institution is confidential. Quicken has millions of users who rely on it to protect their information. We are committed to protecting your information. We securely and securely transmit data from our financial institutions in Quicken with 256-bit encryption.

 We use the following security safeguards:

Integrity is checked to ensure that the message received has not been changed after the sender has left. Firewall-protected servers (for accounts connected via Express Web Connect) located in our data center. Your Quicken for Mac data file is still stored on your desktop.

A password issued by the financial institution that you have to enter every time you are connected to the Internet. You can change your password at any time so that only you know. You can also store your password in the password vault. Password Vault is protected with a password of your choice and provides a quick password for you when you go online.

The password option protects your Quicken Data files.

Mac only: Option to store some passwords in Mac keychain. You can find more information about the kitchen here.

When using Express Web Connect to automate Web Connect downloads from your financial institution’s website, your username and password are encrypted. Depending on the procedures of your financial institution, it will be stored in our firewall-protected servers or your Quicken Software. It is then stored on our firewall-protected server and when you initiate the One Step update it is transmitted securely directly to your desktop computer. Your information is confidential and is not used for anything other than providing and maintaining the One Step Update service.