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Quicken 2017 Discontinued Upgrade to Quicken 2020

Once installed and you have signed in to your Quicken user ID and password for your Quicken Data file, you are presented with an activation window,

Keep your browser open and go to Sign in and click My Account.

When you do not see the Download 2020 Quicken section, leave the browser open and do not close it. Open a new browser tab and go to and sign in. Go to your order and find your purchase of Quicken. Go to the software download section and copy the activation code, only, one part at a time. Then paste it in Quicken. Repeat for the next part. When done, click Activate Subscription

Once activated, you are fine. Go back to the browser and look at your account and see the download Quicken. If you are using a file password, you will need to download Quicken from your account, due to a bug in the activation server.

The removal of the old version of Quicken has been asked to allow a new version of Kwenke. I always want to completely uninstall Quicken then install/reinstall Quicken and that’s what I do to install Quicken successfully.

Before I actually get started, I’ll click Help, and then click on Report A Problem. Fill in the information state why you are uninstalling and reinstalling. Why? In case they want to see the log files. They have.

Before beginning a manual backup file your quicken data.


  • Quicken open. Go to File> Backup and Restore> Backup Your quick data file (s); before starting.
  • Use the browser of your choice.

Create a new folder on the desktop computer/laptop or create a new briefcase folder on the desktop and rename the folder, new briefcase, which can also be done in Windows 10.

Once you have done this, start your browser and change the download location to New Briefcase. Saves you the trouble of telling where to save downloads and easy to download, easy to find, right on the desktop …

If you purchased Quicken from another retailer and successfully activated the program, you can download it from your My Account at

If you purchased from, browse at Once the website is loaded, hover your mouse over the sign in and then click My Account.

  • On the next page, fill in your Quicken User ID and Password and click Sign In.
  • Once you’re signed in to your Quicken user ID, and then scroll down until you see DOWNLOAD QUICKEN left. Now on the right, click Download for Windows.
  • Once it finishes downloading, using the browser, click Close Browser.
  • Close the Quicken. Do not uninstall it.
  • Open your browser again and click on the link below to download QCleanUI.exe
  • Download QcleanUI.exe from this link:
  • Click: First: Download and use QCleanUI


Scroll down and see what is listed in QCleanUI.exe 4. Left-click QCleanUI.exe to start the download and click Save. List MSICLEAN.exe 5. Left-click MSICLEAN.exe to start the download and click Save.

Create a new folder of the attaché file and name it QClean. Move both QCleanUI.exe and MSIClean.exe to QClean. Now open QClean. Right-click QCleanUI.exe and left-click as Administrator. Select to clean all versions. Do not use programs and highlight to uninstall your Quicken Program.

Use the program and features to remove the ISeek Answer Works English runtime, which installs Quicken.


Option to restart the computer, but not required. After the computer restarts, use Explorer to rename/delete the following folders: (If you also have other Intuit products installed, expand those folders and delete the Quicken folders, only.)

To view these folders, open File Explorer, click View. Click on the option. Click the View tab. Dot Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Click Apply, and then click OK.

This is only optional. Disk Cleanup to run and the option to restart the computer. The Quicken software has two working 32-bit and 86-bit operating computer/laptop system. 

  • If a 86- bit operating computer/laptop system then data file C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken
  • If a 32-bit operating computer\laptop system’s:\Program Files (32-bit)\Quicken.

What’s different between quicken 2017 and Quicken 2020?

Currently, the best version of Quicken for Windows will be the Quicken 2017 US Windows version because it is easy to use. In addition, this version is eligible for use until the year 2020. So it will not require an upgrade until then. It works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 1New Features and Costs for 2020

Other improvements and additions include:

  • Many customer-requested bug fixes and enhancements, especially focusing on reliability
  • Fast start-up and load time for Quicken for Mac
  • Monthly releases that include bug fixes so that the platform can develop faster
  • Ability to email reports directly from Quicken
  • These are the new features of Quicken, but here is an extension of the basics you can expect from this famous platform:

For 20, Quicken is the biggest new feature is web access from any browser. This is great news for people who want to be able to manage their finances from multiple computers because before that you could only use Quicken on the computer where you actually downloaded the desktop software.