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How to Resolved Downloading Quicken Bank Transactions Problems

Today we are going to discuss a major issue “Quicken won ‘t problem downloading bank transactions.” today Quicken is used for financial purposes such as paying bills, and Quicken is the most important part of our financial purposes, Quicken software is made downloading transactions, reporting and budgeting, and more. As we all know that this is a Quicken software that can

Happen anytime, Instant users mostly complain about not being able to download transactions from their financial institutions/companies like Chase, Bank of America, and Citibank, etc.

There are many possibilities when a stepping update does not work Quicken software.

 We have mentioned some of them below

  1. If your bank changed the connection method
  2. If you Quicken is not running with the latest release
  3. If the bank is not supporting Quicken
  4. If From either bank or quick server etc. due to some connectivity issues.

When Quicken users are not able to the problem in download bank the transaction they can port with some error code

Like; Quicken error CC-501, Quick error CC-502, Quick error CC-503

Quick error OL-301-A, Quick error OL-306-A

Important: Bank transactions may not be a Quicken download to solve the problem. You can talk to our experts for a Quicken solution. 

Some Simple steps to fix Problems in downloading bank transactions

Step#1: Wait 24-48 hours

When you will not be able to download the transaction from the bank. We recommend you wait for the next 24-48 hours as sometimes there is a connectivity problem with a bank or Quicken.

It takes them around 24-48 hours to fix this and you keep getting information about the Quicken community, where you can follow the post for the same. If they have fixed the problem and you still have the same problem then please proceed with the steps given below

Step #2: make sure Quicken is up with the latest release

  1. Open Quicken software
  2. And Go to Help> Check for Updates
  3. If the Quicken up to date is good or not, then you will not get the notification to install the latest release on the next screen
  4. And Click yes to install it
  5. It may take some time to install or remove the latest update, but you do not need to worry about your work that will be saved.

See the image below to install Quickens latest update.

Step #3: Refresh Your Account Information

  1. if you click on the Quicken account that has this error from the account bar
  2. And Go to the top-right gear icon
  3. then Now  click on update (Ctrl + Alt + U)
  4. and then the next screen type your bank password
  5. then after, click on update now
  6. If you  the Quicken software account is updated then it is good and does the same for other accounts that have this error code or if the account is still the same problem that is moving to another step

Step #4:some  Valid and Repair Quicken File

  1. After this; Go to File> File Operations> posit and Repair
  2. And go Do a check on the validated file
  3. if you click on OK
  4. then Quicken software starts validating your file

Once the posit process is complete you will see that  DATA_LOG notepad

Quicken note: If you have encountered errors in DATA_LOG, we recommend you contact Quicken Experts (independent) for help. 

STEP#5: And then Deactivate and Reactivate Account

Deactivate Quicken software Account

  1. if you Go to Tools> Account List (Ctrl + A)
  2. And Click Edit for the account that is unable to download the transaction in Quicken software
  3. And then Select the Online Services tab
  4. if you Click Deactivate

5.then go to  Click on OK

And a Quicken software Now try to validate the file. Please check step four


  • if you Reactivate deactivated account


  1. then Go to Tools> Account List (Ctrl + A)
  2. And got to  Click Edit for the same account that has been deactivated.
  3. And then Select the Online Services tab
  4. if you Now click on set up …

5.if  You have to send it to quicken to the screen where you need to type your financial institution/company username and password (see an image below)


  1. And then Click on connect to process to reactivate the account
  2. if your Quicken software will show you that instead of re-adding your account information, be sure to link your account.
  3. And then if you  Click Next

then Now try to update the Quicken account and see if it works. If the account does not work for you then please proceed with further steps.

STEP #6:Now  Create a New Quick File

In this case, you need to create a new file to ensure that your account is downloading to it. If they are downloading in a new accession file, it means that the previous or Firstly Quicken file may be corrupt.

then  To create a new quick file:

  1. Now Go to File> New Quick File …
  2. And then  The next window asks you to create a new Quick File or a new Quick Account.
  3. then Choose a new Quicken file and click on OK


  1. if you Give your new Quicken software file (example: test) a name and click save
  2. The Quicken software asks for you Quicken ID & Password

Quicken Note: You can also read Create Quicken ID

1.if you  Type your Quicken ID & Password

  1. And then Click on these

3.the  Quicken software can verify the account by sending a 6-digit code to your registered phone number.

  1. Type the code and click on Next
  2. Quicken also allows you to sync your file to mobile.

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