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How to Get Quicken Software for windows and mac?

Quicken is the granddaddy of personal finance software, I am an accession user for over 26 years since 1992. I used to track each of my 60-plus accounts with Quicken. Every bank account, credit card, asset, retirement, investment, and liability software I had was linked to the software. So to say that I am a power-user of this product would be an understanding.

If you missed it, Quicken is no longer owned by Intuit, which sold it to a private equity firm. Long term, I’m not sure what to make of this news or what it means for Quicken’s future. However, in the two years since the sale, many improvements have been made to Quick.

At one time, this quicken software was the only game in the city. Today, it is no longer so, and you have several options for Quicken to choose from.

Today, it is possible to store your financial information completely online using services like Personal Capital, which we suggest as the best personal finance service or YNAB.

However, these financial aggregation services are read-only and are better suited for alerting or reporting your finances. Reconciliation and online bill payments are not available with these types of services. To be fair, most banks offer online bill payments through their website or mobile app, so the need for online bill payment with your personal finance software is reduced.

For those who prefer to stick with locally installed programs, there is Moneydance (here we have compared that we have created Moneydance vs Quicken). Or if you are looking for a native Macintosh software application, there is also Banktivity.

But none of these applications come close to Quicken in terms of market share or extensive personal finance features that still make Windows Quicken for the industry leader. So that brings us to review the latest version of Quicken.

Test quicken 2019

For this review, Quicken supplied a copy of Quicken Premier 2019 for Windows, and I converted Quicken 2018 from my previous test installation. The test was conducted over a period of two weeks and most parts of the application were used.

To be completely transparent to our readers, I no longer use Quicken on a daily basis and have switched to using personal capital instead. So with Quicken 2019, I imported what I could from the old version but also set up new accounts that had disappeared from the previous test.

I specifically tested all accounts that had online synchronization, as this seems to be a common problem area among Quicken users.


Quicken is now published by an independent company. The new features are the best. Mobile app improvements are good but do not have the same functionality as personal capital’s mobile apps.

As stated earlier, I personally no longer use Essen and have been using personal capital for the past few years.

If you are one of the Millennials whose smartphone is their primary or only device, then using Quicken will be a non-starter for you. Quicken requires you to purchase a desktop application, which then sends your information to a free mobile app. 

New users who like the idea of having their personal finance information on their desktop might want to seriously consider Essen, as it still has the most features of any personal finance app. And for individuals who want to store their data offline, Quicken is still the best bet.

Existing users of earlier versions who still want to use Quicken probably should upgrade to this version, as it makes some improvements to the previous annoyance. Hopefully, Quicken did not introduce new bugs in the process. Typically with Quicken, it takes some upgrades to fix any bugs left during testing.

As I mentioned earlier, we are no longer recommending Quicken as the best personal finance software tool. We are recommending personal capital and betterment for individuals who need tools to focus on YNAB for investment tracking and if you can purchasing our website this software is the best software.