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How To Fix Quicken Data File Corruption Errors

Fix Quicken Data File Corruption Errors

Fix Quicken Data File Corruption Errors generally occurs due to integrity problems or when you have upgraded from older version to the new one or the latest Quicken Support version. It is highly recommended to take a backup copy of the data file before performing any steps.

That will help you in case after validation we are not able to work on the data file.


1. First of all Open the Quicken program.
2. Back up the current file to the new location or you can copy the current Quicken data file.
3. Now Open the Quicken program.
4. Go to File operations and then click on Validate& Repair option, then click on Validate.
5. The Quicken program will start validating the current Quicken Data file.
6. Then, once the procedure is completed, do check the validation results in Data_Log.txt file.

In case you have upgraded to the latest version of Quicken and now you are facing a problem with the data file then you have to check the previous Quicken data file or validate the Previous version Quicken data file before upgrading to the latest version of Quicken. In case you are upgrading from the very old version of Quicken then it is highly recommended to use intermediate versions from converting the data file before moving on to the latest Quicken software version.

For All Quicken Information, Contact Quicken Support( Toll-Free) Number

I hope this information will assist you. But if you have more questions related to that error then don’t hesitate to contact our Quicken Support number.